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Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find a satisfying answer or have a technical problem, please contact us using contact form.

What is the difference between offset, silkscreen and digital print for the CD/DVD?
  1. Offset print: That is the most common printing method. We suggest offset for printing labels with pictures, photos, gradations artworks without pantones. Made with large-scale industrial machines is recommended for the quantities over 500.
  2. Silkscreen: The silkscreen print gives a good colour saturation, can provide the highest quality colour matching and the deep black colour. This printing technique is recommended for the artworks that include vector text and images, or require using pantones.
  3. Digital print: made using special uv paint or toners, additionally protected with a lacquer layer or high temperature. Digital label print is of high quality and the colours and details are very well transferred. Thanks to the efficiency of the printing machine we can offer attractive prices while assure the best quality, especially for small quantities( below 500 pcs.)
How to prepare the files for printing?
  1. For printing we accept AI, CDR, EPS, PDF or PSD files.
  2. Composite files in high resolution 300dpi minimum, guarantee high quality of printing.
  3. The artwork should include:
    • All objects, contours and bitmaps should be converted to CMYK or grayscale + additional Pantone as an option.
    • All fonts and logos should be converted to vectors.
    • In case of PS/PRN/PDF preparing, please disable printing of the file information.
    • All effects like transparency, symbols, lens or shadow need to be flattened or converted into bitmaps CMYK or grayscale (applies to CorelDraw).
    • Additional Pantone colours need to be described precisely.
    • Add cutting/perforation/creasing index, or put a template in any Pantone colour with an overprint option enabled.
    • Keep the bleed at 3mm minimum for the packaging artworks projects.
    • Keep the safety margin-texts, logos or other important elements located close to the edge should be kept 3 mm from the cutting line
    • Do not add bleed to the CD artwork projects.
  4. In case you deliver the files prepared incorrectly, we will inform you what needs to be corrected.
  5. If you face any problems in getting the project ready, feel free to consult it with us.
What is the required resolution for printing?

For a satisfying quality of printing the file resolution should be minimum 200 dpi(for offset print) and 100 dpi(for digital print). We recommend the resolution of 300 dpi.

What format should the printing files be saved in?

The files should be saved in one of the formats below: PDF(recommended), TIFF, PSD or JPG with CMYK colours.

What is the maximum colour saturation for printing?

Maximum colour saturation:

Offset print:
330%-for coated paper
280-for uncoated paper

Digital print: 280%

CD/DVD label print: 280%

For the Rich Black effect on background, use following settings:
Cyan: 30%, Magenta: 30%, Yellow: 30% and Black: 100%

What is the maximum amount data for the CD/DVD?
  • CD-ROM ? 700 MB
  • CD-Audio ? 80 min
  • DVD5 ? 4,7 GB
  • DVD9 ? 8,5 GB
How to prepare a master CD?
  1. Please prepare the master exactly the same way you want the final CD to be.
  2. Record on high quality data storage media.
  3. Make sure that the disc surface is not scratched or damaged.
  4. Use original software.
  5. To avoid mistakes use minimum burning speed.
  6. After recording check your CD on multiple players.
  7. On the master CD include only the material for pressing/copying. Do not add the artwork there.
  8. For safety reasons, please provide 2 copies of the master CD.
How to prepare CD image?
  1. You can deliver the master as a file saved in ISO or NRG format. ISO you can make with most of the burning programs and NRG in Nero.
  2. Send the CD image to us directly.
  3. To avoid mistakes, please provide MD5 checksum.

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