CD/ DVD packaging

Our offer includes:

  • Cardboard wallets for CD/DVD
  • Digipacks for CD/DVD- cardboard packaging with 4, 6 and 8 panels. Digipacks include a plastic tray for the CD made out of polypropylene that can be clear or painted in any colour. In a digipack we can also place a booklet, poster or a flyer that can be inserted into a slit or sleeve.
  • Digifiles/digisleeves for CD/DVD- cardboard packaging with 4, 6 or 8 panels. This is the most eco-friendly type of packaging, similar to the digipack, but without a tray. The CD is inserted into a slit or sleeve.
  • Slipcases/ Single and multi CD boxes- printed packaging made out of cardboard that can fit cardboard wallets, digipacks, digifiles, digisleeves, plastic boxes.

Among our products you can find plastic boxes such as:

  • Jewelbox, super jewelbox, cd slim- packaging in a CD format. Mostly used for music releases.
  • DVD box 7 and 14 mm. A single box can contain 1 or 2 discs(up to 5).
  • PVC wallets/sleeves and paper wallets. With or without an adhesive glue strip.

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