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Audio cassettes

Analogue audio cassettes have increased in popularity in the last few years. It?s a joy for our company as we get chance to share over 30 years of our experience and knowledge regarding cassette production and duplication.

Whole process from duplicating your work on the cassettes, printing the artworks and packaging happens in-house. And that?s why we provide shortest turnaround time and can assure that your order will be of the highest quality.

DIGI PRES provides you with:

  • audio duplication up to 90 min. (C-90)
  • over 10 colors of C-0 shells available right away (and more on request)
  • on-body print ? tampography, printed sticker label or full-color UV
  • wide variety of plastic or printed cases
  • add-ons, such as personalized stickers, posters, postcards or thank-you notes
  • assembly, shrinkwrapping & boxing

If you want to be sure that the materials and audio quality you have prepared meet your expectations, it is also possible to make a test cassette.

Need more? We're here to help!

Do you need help in choosing the most suitable options for you? Or your project is uniquely creative? Do not hesitate to contact us ? our team will answer your every question.

    Choose from various packaging options:

    • Standard plastic case in clear, black or white
    • Premium plastic case with pins and rounded edges in clear
    • Plastic case with UV print of your artwork
    • O-Card with glossy or matt finish (printed on cardboard)
    • J-Card cover for plastic case (single and multipanel)
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