CD/DVD printing

The printing machines that we own allow us to print on discs using three different methods:

01 min

Silkscreen print is a process in which the ink is pressed over a special stencil. The ink gets spread across the desired surface trough a fine mesh screen. Afterwards the ink is protected with UV light.

The silkscreen print gives a good colour saturation, can provide the highest quality colour matching and the deep black colour. This printing technique is recommended for the artworks that include vector text and images, or require using pantones.

02 min

That is a kind of print in which the inked image is offset from a plate and then transferred onto the printing surface using a rubber blanket. After transferring the ink to the disc surface it is protected with UV light. That is the most common printing method. We suggest offset for printing labels with pictures, photos, gradations artworks without pantones.

03 min

Direct print that is made using special uv paint or toners, additionally protected with a lacquer layer or high temperature. Digital label print is of high quality and the colours and details are very well transferred. Thanks to the efficiency of the printing machine we can offer attractive prices while assure the best quality, especially for small quantities (below 500 pcs.)